About the mouse:

Maxwell the cool blue mouse (who insists on wearing sunglasses and a backpack) had just woken up after a very pleasant night's sleep. He was excited because just yesterday, he had gone and bought a fabulous new Amiga game. He had given the game pride of place in his special disk box ready to be played as soon as he got up that morning.

But disaster had struck. The disk wasn't there. The box was empty. It hadn't been left in his Amiga's disk drive. In fact, it was nowhere to be seen. "Oh, botheration! My floppy diskette appears to have gone missing. This is a most unfortunate turn of events", is something Maxwell didn't quite say but as it's before the watershed... well, that was the gist of it.

There's only one real explanation - someone must have got in, somehow, and stolen it. But how? Who? Why? In the absence of anything worthwhile to do, Maxwell decides to go on a little adventure to try and retrieve his game. After all, it's a small village, and there are one or two shady characters lurking about. Not everyone likes Maxwell and indeed, not everyone likes the Amiga...

Maxwell In Game Screenshot - Title Maxwell In Game Screenshot - Outside Maxwell In Game Screenshot - Underground


v1.1 (13.01.15)
- Bug that mistakenly detected normal joysticks as CD32 pads removed, now both modes selectable on title screen
- Collision detection on ladybird fixed
- Manual updated with changes, and memory requirements fixed (needs 1MB RAM but not all of it needs to be Chip)

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